About Susana

Susana on the Gina Renee Show

Yoga is Joy for Me.

I am a certified yoga instructor and my yoga practice is the great center of my life.

Training: Advanced Yoga Studies & Teacher Training Program through the Yoga Center of Carmel.

Mission Statement: To practice peace in the here and now daily, and to share my practice with others. (Peace is a practice.)

Certified Personal Trainer with NCCPT.

What is Yoga? The word means “yoking” of the Self by spiritual discipline; a method of training designed to lead to union of the human spirit with ultimate reality, and a release from the limits of the individual ego. A path to salvation. An end to identification with suffering.

I’m also a professional artist, who started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil as a child.
Training: B.F.A Parsons School of Design in Manhattan 1985.

My artistic focus has always centered on people. I spent a great deal of time figure drawing the amazing human body, and I am fascinated by faces and hands, and how they tell the inner story of where a person has come from, and who they are. My graphic design work: www.mcguirecommunication.com

Angels are a huge interest: I’ve illustrated a lovely children’s book about the Angelic Realm: “Auntie, How Do You Talk to God?”

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