“I don’t know where to begin when describing Susana’s class, from what I’ve taken away to why it’s beneficial to join. But if I had to describe her class, it would be “Fun while being focused. Learning patience and getting in tune with your body. Tasking yourself with one job while a sense of calm befalls you.” I had taken a beginner Yoga class before but Susana taught me more advanced poses and how to refine my form with all of my poses. If may not believe me but she has had a very large impact on my life the past 2 years.

Susana is fun, young, and passionate about teaching Yoga that surprises me even today. I’ve watched people come and go from her class and I was always amazed about her perseverance, wondering how she can teach so many classes a week. Then I realized, she REALLY loves it. I’m sure if she could, she would see to it that everyone in the world would do yoga and I would support her totalitarian yoga laws.

On a more serious note, she asked me what I took away from the class and I’ve taken away so much that it’s hard to describe it all. She’ll say “monotasking” is what you’ll be doing in her class and it might seem easy, but it actually one of the most difficult things to do and that I still struggle with. Focusing on one thing, not letting your mind race on your stresses and what you have to do that next day is almost impossible for me. Yet, over the past 2 years, I’ve noticed that my mind will quiet down. She once asked us to imagine the expanse of the universe, your relation to a building and it’s relation to the city, the state, country, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe and my mind just shut off. Also, I was extremely tired, that helped immensely.

She also teaches the importance of stretching, being flexible and how everyday we do things that make our bodies rigid like sitting at a desk for hours. I’ve slowly been able to bend and flex in ways that, in my opinion, no man should ever bend. BUT I CAN, and it’s very fun to bend backwards or headstand and watch the world upside down or slowly fall into a split or watch my leg get closer and closer to being behind my head. You feel relaxed at the end of her class and anyone in any type of fitness would benefit greatly if they added yoga to their routine. It benefits your weightlifting, running, swimming, whatever. It just feels amazing to wake up in the morning and feel your joints crack and your muscles are loose compared to feeling tight and achey.

But the most important thing about Susana’s class if that IT’S SO MUCH FUN! Susana makes a calming environment or, on her Power Yoga days, will make the class upbeat to the point where you push yourself. She’s silly and charismatic and will make you laugh. I love being able to do a tree pose because I’m always surprised at how far my hip goes laterally because of my flexibility, IT’S ADDICTING. I will never stop doing Yoga and I plan on maintaining my flexibility and getting better at it and it’s all thanks to Susana.

Side note, I lift weights all the time and yet Susana still beats me in terms of strength. Don’t let her fool you, she is crazy strong when it comes to isometrics and calisthenics to the point where I collapse in her Power Yoga class and she’s still pushing it. I’m serious, I can lift 405 lbs off the ground but I will fall and cry in a pool of sweat while she will just breeze on by with the workout. WHAT?!

Take Susana’s class, now. Put down whatever computer device you are reading this on and look her up and classes near you right now and go. You will not regret it.”

Thanks for everything Susana. No goodbyes. ~ Dewey Tran

To see more Testimonials – please click here
January 2015 It is such a treat to be a student of Miss Susana’s Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday yoga class at the In-Shape Facility in Monterey California. I have been attending for at least 2+ years for these main reasons: • She creates a comfortable atmosphere. • She guides us through yoga poses in a smooth and gentle manner. • She is attentive to each participant. • She is unfailing in her attendance and time as an instructor. • She is fun. Mis Susana’s yoga class is welcoming, from the time we enter to when we conduct our very last pose. She is focused on the total well-being of the class and sets the tone through the temperature of the room, music, lighting, and noise level. All of these factor into our enjoyment of the class. I can only describe the actual instruction from Miss Susana in class as ‘liquid’ because we move from pose to pose in such a fluid-like manner. Each and every movement is drawn from the pose that precedes it and immediately connects to the pose that follows it. From beginners to advanced members, our class looks suave and graceful as we progress through each pose due to her great direction and demonstration. As numerous as they are, Miss Susana is well aware of her class members. She recognizes new and/or familiar faces right away, and she can perceive the varying levels of proficiency in her class. Her pace can accommodate the most hurried class member to the most sedated one. We can always count on Miss Susana to be punctual and present for class. In the rare cases in which she must be absent, she graciously sends in a capable substitute to instruct us. As a member of her hour-long class, I appreciate that she provides us with 60 minutes of uninterrupted instruction and doesn’t waste any of the allotted time with any irrelevant activities or distractions that take away from our class time. Miss Susana makes her yoga class enjoyable through her amusing and playful attitude. This is evident when we end up smiling as she guides us through clawing and growling in the lion’s roar pose. I consider it a great privilege to write this letter for Miss Susana explaining why I attend her class and why I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone seeking to practice yoga. Sincerely, Malinda
“When I first took Susana’s yoga classes at InShape in Monterey almost three years ago, I was thrilled! I couldn’t believe how good I felt afterward and how much I really missed yoga. I have had many different yoga instructors over the years, some good and some not so good. I like Susana and her yoga classes instantly. One of my major problems with yoga in the past was breathing, in particular, when to breath in and when to breath out. Susana is excellent in incorporating the breath in-out instructions in her yoga poses (asana). I particularly enjoy how she encourages all of us to push hard and yet reminds us all the time that yoga is personal and it is our own journey. She tells us that we should do what makes us feel good and if it doesn’t feel good, then it’s not yoga! After all this time, I never miss her classes unless I was out of town – I have known to turn down dinner invitation just because I don’t want to miss her evening classes. Last but not the least, I love her yoga music (i.e., the whale songs) and her voice – it is mesmerizing!! Thank you, Susana for such an inspiration!” ~Winnie Young
“I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day – – 15 minutes of Yoga with Susana and I’m all better.” ~Dr. Byron
“Oh God that was the most beautiful wonderful relaxing hour. And your VOICE is so relaxing. I need to make this a higher priority.” – Ruthie, student
Over the years I’ve taken many exercise and stretch classes, including Pilates and Yoga. Susana’s class stands out from the rest as being all-encompasing. She combines such a variety of disciplines that the body always gets a thorough toning. Best of all, she instructs with genuine (and contagious) enthusiasm! Her class is one of my all-time favorites. ~Sharon
Thank You Susana, for soooo much help in Yoga class! My weight, hypertension and type A personality went down, also I’m more flexible and relaxed (a little like the Twilight Zone) so I come back again and again and again. Your Yogaholoc, ~Anna Erickson
“I wish other people could feel the way that I feel – and know the refreshing effects of the sleep I get after yoga class with Susana. My sleep is very sound and deep after classes. I literally put my head on the pillow and I’m asleep in minutes. The yoga relaxes me and clears my mind so I can get restful sleep. I put my head down on the pillow, and the next thing I know – it’s morning. Thank you Susana, your yoga classes are a Godsend..My experiences in your yoga classes have been amazing.  I have relaxed and become in sync with my body, its stresses and movements.  You conduct your classes in such a way that everyone gets a chance to follow the flow with you and can do more or less as they see fit.The early classes we had with the small group at lunch made me aware of the relaxation aspect of yoga. After those classes when I went back to work, I literally floated through the rest of my work. The evening classes I currently take with you at In Shape Fitness club in Monterey come at the end of a work day and are perfect for getting all the day’s stress and tension out. I sleep so well on the nights I have yoga.Besides the flexibility and body awareness,  I have gained a calmness and quiet mind during my yoga practice with you.  Your pleasant and soft voice guides the class through the practice and allows the mind to rest. You have a calming presence that can be felt when you come in the room.  Your friendly demeanor helps make everyone feel welcome.I very much enjoy doing yoga in your classes. My hope is that you continue to teach and reach more and more students who can benefit from your practice.” ~Mary Vezilich, Student
“Susana, you inspire me. Just watching you on video I found my focus moving to my breath and felt a smile forming on my lips. You are genuinely beautiful through and through in everything you do. Your warmth and openess emanates and touches the hearts of those you’re near. Like you, Yoga has transformed my life and I feel so fortunate to continue my practice with you as my guide. Thanks for your dedication and commitment to yoga practice. P.S. I love your singing and am looking forward to my angel mug!” ~Erin Lockwood, Student
“Life as I knew it changed when I became a mother. For as many times as I heard that my priorities would change and to revel in “me time”, I never thought that pertained to me. Now with a one-year-old son and husband to take care of, “me time” has fallen into a distant, if non-existent third place. This is why I am so thankful to have Susana teaching Yoga and Pilates at California State University at Monterey Bay. I have been practicing Yoga with Susana for eight months and have seen a great improvement in my physical being. However, more importantly, she has helped me to take care of my mental and spiritual beings.When I practice Yoga, it is my one hour to reflect and focus on me. It is my chance to take a deep breath and let go all the tensions of the day. I can be selfish for one hour and when it is over, I am refreshed, rejuvenated, and happy. This enables me to be a better mom, wife, and friend. I recommend Susana to all my friends because everyone should feel as great as I do after a class with Susana. She has truly changed my life, she is a breath of fresh air, and when I move in a couple of months, I will use her as my standard for Yoga instructors.” -Janel Rambo, Student
“Some of the best teachers in life open new doorways for us because they are able to express their passion and joy for the art they teach to each of their students. Susana is such a teacher and it is a pleasure and a joy to share her journey in her Yoga classes.” -Sonya Haramis, Student
“Susana’s yoga classes have helped to improve my posture, my Aikido (a Japanese Martial Art) and my performance on Navy Physical Fitness Tests.  Her emphasis on maintaining the body in proper alignment and keeping the back elongated has helped me with knee and ankle pain. Susana is a caring and wonderful teacher and friend.” -Keith Everett, Student
“Susana is the finest yoga instructor on the planet. Taking yoga with Susana opened a new window of life for me. For the past year, I have actually looked forward to Mondays because it was yoga day. Susana inspires and reassures with her calm and peaceful method of teaching.” -Diane Glim, Student
“I have been attending Susana’s yoga class faithfully for almost a year now. Her class provides me with a source of balance, relaxation and also with a space where I can listen to myself. She is a patient and attentive teacher who is always happy to stay after and listen to her students’ observations or to answer any of their questions. It’s clear that she loves yoga and sharing it with others.” -Silvia Turchin, Student
“Thank heavens for YOGA! The pain in my back and shoulders was severe before I started Susana’s yoga classes. Now my health has improved immensely… not only do I feel healthier and more limber but I have discovered a sense of calm which I attribute to participating in Susana’s classes… my life has turned around… thank you Suzy…” -Patti Christy, Student
“Susana is a gentle soul and enthusiastic teacher.  I learned a lot from her in the few classes I was able to attend, and wish to return soon.  I studied Yoga in India and Berkeley many years ago, and have not been inspired by any teachers in a long while.  Susana brings the personal touch and intimacy back to the practice.  Even in a class I felt as if I was getting one on one.” -Linda Grace Lundy, Student
“I have taken many yoga classes over the years and I have to say that I was incredibly delighted to find Susana!  She is so knowledgeable and is always willing to help her students continually improve at their own individual pace.  She has truly found her passion and true talent and shares it with those of us who are fortunate enough to have found her.  Susana’s energy is contagious and it is guaranteed that you will leave her with a smile on your face!” -Robyn Justo, Student
“I am a 38 year old mother of two beautiful girls. I am currently going through a major and difficult transition in my life. I have always wanted to do yoga on a regular basis but have never moved beyond doing simple basic poses alone in my home. I saw Susana’s advertisement to try a free class in the Monterey County Weekly and decided to stop waiting  and try her class.I have taken four of her classes and I am hooked! I can honestly say the classes have helped me during this journey in more ways than I imagined.Susana is an expert in her field and is kind and caring… I look forward to continuing my weekly classes and reaping the many benefits. Susana has also empowered me and I do some poses each day at home- it’s amazing the calm yoga brings to my life.” -Ginger Gray, Student
“Susana’s warm spirit and generous nature are evident through her yoga teaching and support.  Acceptance and encouragement are gifts I receive from Susana in my yoga practice, extending out to the many life changes I am experiencing… far reaching benefits… I am grateful.” -Teresa Jones, Student
“The hour that I spent with Susana in our private lesson was wonderful!  I learned new things and felt different ways of doing things that I had been doing in yoga. Her insight, understanding, and patience pervaded the time we spent together. Thank you!” -Melissa Warren, Student
“Susana’s yoga class helped relieve my shoulder and neck problems since having a car accident. Her yoga is gentle and also spiritual. It raised my energy level. It’s a wonderful class.” -Etsuko Lippi, Student
“I was in constant search of a yoga class that fit my needs, and I found that connection when I experienced Susana’s yoga class. She provides the space to focus on one’s own breath so that the yoga postures unfold so easily. Her descriptions are lyrical, yet grounded and magically connected. Susana is a treasure of a yoga teacher; fully committed to her work and knowledgeable about every posture and mudra. I feel so uplifted and in my purpose after I leave her class. Susana is my favorite yoga teacher and I am so happy I found her! She is the only yoga teacher who speaks poetry.” -Jane Morba, Student
If you seek a deeper meditation and deeper peace, I recommend Susana.  She is a very clear communicator centered on physical asanas; compassionate towards all levels of students and gives loving guidance to each spirit through her true love and respect for yoga. Susana is genuine, and I am grateful to know her. –Marilyn Pope, Student
“Susana is the best. She guides you through yoga moves that are gentle and effective for your everyday life. You feel calm and relaxed afterward. I look forward to my yoga sessions each week.” -Corine, Student
“Susana is a wonderful teacher with whom even the most clumsy, non-stretchy beginner can feel safe and comfortable with. I’ve taken several classes with Susana, and I always felt that I never have to worry about falling or doing something in a wrong way where I may injure myself. She always seems to be there catching you before you fall, so to speak. She also continually reminds us that yoga should not hurt, and to be gentle with ourselves, while still being very encouraging. I would recommend her for your first class or your thousandth! I know that I never want any other yoga teacher.” -Varsha Foreman, Student
The Curiously Effective Yoga of Susana McGuire “I came to Susana’s Yoga because I liked the relish and lightness she brought to the Pilates classes she was teaching as a substitute. I felt there was more to be learned from her and started attending her yoga classes. She makes yoga seem easy, is very accepting, and says that yoga should be pleasurable. Happily, I’ve discovered her yoga is also deceptively powerful in terms of healing, balancing, and letting go of unnecessary tensions. It’s a really good thing to do regularly!” -Anne Reichardt, Student
“I really enjoy Susana’s Yoga and Pilates classes! Her teaching style is fun, encouraging, and she is always full of positive energy. I have learned so much from her in just one year. She has helped me build my strength, flexibility, and self awareness. Since I’m a teacher, I need a way to relax and release stress, and that is why I look forward to Susana’s classes so much!” -Jenny Skye, Student
“I just wanted to drop a note to let you know my appreciation for a wonderful yoga instructor, Susana McGuire, who has made me a fully devoted yogini.
Susana’s positive, spiritual and smiling face always lights up my day. Plus the Yoga has strengthened and helped many aching parts of my body, as well as given me confidence to be in positions I never thought possible.
Thank you for having Susana at Energia!”
Kat” -Kathleen Keenan, Student

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